As the smothering city waits for the first downpour of rain…
My soul thirsts for the sweet sound of drizzle…..
Kissing the forehead of the love quenched earth…
Wrath of heat pitching like the curse of barreness over an entire water parched land !
Weary we have been waiting long-term for you -the  new season change,
Oh, when will I see your beautiful squandering rainbow glow over the horizon….
Oh, when will I see the little children dance carelessly in the pure showers of wet washing rain?
Oh, when will I see the golden dry highway turn to green gushing meadow?
A little thunder here..a little darkness..…teases…..
Oh, when will I feel your sweet embrace oh rain?
Hearing my heart cry as if. …you listen without saying a word!
You tiptoe in… beautifully dressed in a crystal clear breeze & fall on me…
Serenading me ….and touching my very soul with the welcome cool kiss of heart sweeping breeze
Drops of rain fall on me…gently first ..then drowning me in a flood of joy stream…..
Making my heart smile with the showers falling on me…. For today & forever more…!