Crippled – A story for 2016

It was lazy cloudy early morning in the hills  with a little cool mist blowing on my face, the only sound that could be heard in the serenity around were the sound of birds chirping in a distance. As usual, I got my favourite cup of tea that I can never say no to ..and I sat quietly sipping & thinking of how I would like to begin my day, how would I create something new  today ,my thoughts led me to my past life & the many things that were not going as I would desire it would have , while lost in thoughts  I saw a tiny beautiful sparrow near my feet ,I was startled thinking that this bird did not mind my presence & chirped sweetly as if calling a  lost forgotten  friend far away, As I watched closely I observed that the bird  was crippled  & was hopping with difficulty trying to fetch some grains near the staircase,I started feeling bad for this bird, I started thinking ‘how does it live its life’ ,what a pity for this little helpless bird’, what is the hope for this puny creature’ ,While I was busy in my pity party I saw the bird take 3 hops & it raised it wings & flew  a few inches high  on the outer gate of my home, it then hopped a couple of times more & flew higher and higher and higher with a straw of grain in its beak!

Witnessing this early morning fiesta of this little bird I was completely taken aback & started thinking ….

How many times in our lives do we think ‘If I only had that ‘, how many times do we grieve over not having many things that would delight us or lead us to our deepest desire…!

How many times do I say ‘What can I do? If I only did not lack that , If I only did have that I would have reached my dream! If I only had that I would be more content & happier


How  many nights have we  spent crying over things that you don’t  currently possess, how many pillows have we dampened by our tears crying over a person we  never might get back.How many times have we grumbled for years  about friends & people who have abandoned us & may never come back to us, how many times have we so desired a dream but never took a step to make it happen because we felt too CRIPPLED  & inadequate to achieve it .Honestly, the little bird could have thought that there is no hope & life beyond being crippled !…But did it?

As I reflected,I was deeply moved and  I realized that no matter  crippled by feet the sparrow  was not crippled by its mind, it knew its prime calling to fly  & fetch food for his family, It never looked back on its past, so should we.We cannot afford to live in the dark thoughts that hounds us of our will only flood us with despair & anguish of what we lack, but let’s look forward this 2016 to a beautiful story that you & I can write for ourselves…

So if People leave .lets fly, do we  lack things we desire now ..lets move forward and fly…we may face failure ..lets fly…we may hit the wall ..lets try to climb the wall… we may face setbacks again ..lets fly….no matter what the little bird lets not be crippled in our mind ..You & I  have a bigger purpose than the set back  & the pain you are  facing today ..aren’t we …So as you close your eyes ..let the picture of yourself being crippled in that situation change to a beautiful creation that you already are who is  flying very high !..Right now decide ..ARE YOU READY TO FLY…VERY HIGH…LET’S FLY